I'm happy to see you here! Please select how I can help you.

Once you complete your purchase, I will be notified and I will clear your energy within 24 hours.

After I am finished working on your energy, I will send you an email with notes on what I did, along with a link to schedule a 15 minute phone conversation with me personally to follow up on your energy work.

All of my services include a 15 minute personal phone conversation with me.

What We Offer


  • Sleeping Solutions
  • Energy Clearing for people and properties - land and buildings
  • Removal of Intentional Negative Energy placement - assault/psychic attack (sometimes known as curses or hexes)
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Cutting of Soul Ties
  • Psychic Chord Connection Removal
  • Chakra Balancing​​
  • ​Chakra Removal
  • Reiki - In person or remotely
  • ​Removal of Hidden Alters
  • Reset Genetic Records of Trauma​​
  • ​Spiritual/Life Coaching

Signs of Negative Attachments

  • Low Energy
  • Headaches
  • Quick-Tempered
  • Depression or Anxiety
  • Problems with Sleep (bad dreams, restless sleep)
  • Hyper-Sensitive
  • Hearing Voices
  • Feeling Stuck or Lost
  • Feeling Powerless or Helpless
  • Seem to have Bad Luck
  • Lack of Purpose

How Do We Help?

We simply help the person connect to who they really are by removing the negative energies that are attached to them. This process is quite quick and no work required from the client. Everyone’s body has the ability to heal itself. So once these negative energies are removed the negative thoughts and emotions stop, this allows for the person’s energy to recover and thus the body begins to heal itself. No medications required! READ MORE...