Thank you for your business, below are a few things to expect from the energy work that will be performed. Please keep in mind that everyone is different and the results vary by person.

Detox - You may go through this for the first day or two and in some cases it can last up to a week
• Feeling tired or lethargic
• Feeling extra emotional
• Aches and pains where old injuries were

Sleep - This may be disrupted the first night or two
• Typically sleep will improve
• Nightmares or terrors will stop 100% (if this still occurs please let me know straightaway)
• Vivid dreaming often happens

Anxiety - This is typically caused by reoccurring thoughts or stuck emotions
• Typically this improves after or during the first week
• To release this 100% it will take some effort on your part

Please remember that this will be at least a week long process and you may feel very high and low during the first week. It is important for you to give me your feedback after the first couple days.

The key thing here is about getting you reconnected with your true self, the timeline for this really does vary by person and it is up to you to take responsibility for your journey.

Herman Petrick