A soul tie is any kind of soul connection between two people. Soul ties can be healthy or they can be damaging.

My experience working with people around the world on their energy has taught me that negative soul ties are very personal and very damaging, even though they can be cleared and healed. 

This is what I do. I have CLEARED SOUL TIES for many people so far this year and thousands more over the years. Nearly everybody I've worked with has experienced positive changes, many times immense positive change. 

I would love to hear from you. Request a soul tie check and I will respond to you personally.


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What is soul tie clearing?

Soul tie clearing is the full releasing of negative energies and attachments binding your soul to another. Chances are you've already tried to achieve this on your own and haven't experienced a positive change.

Clearing a soul tie is usually a process that needs to be guided by a healer such as myself - someone who can help you realize your full potential to connect to who you really are and break connections that are damaging you.

After a personal remote consultation, I carry out this process with you remotely.