Chakra Workshop Oct 29 - 10:30am to Noon Vancouver, WA

Are you interested in learning about the energy of your body? Attend this workshop and you will discover how the Chakra systems works as well as the following…

How energy flows through your physical body (where it comes from)
How the Chakras control your emotions
How stuck energy can affect your physical health
How to balance your Chakras and the importance of having inner balance

You will also learn about the energies around us and how they can affect our well-being



  • In-depth discussions about the energies of our body and the lower level energies around us
  • Learn about the Chakra system
  • ​Full body Chakra scan and re-balance
  • How to protect yourself from lower level energies
  • Personalized energy clearing ($200USD Value)
  • Cutting psychic cords


What to expect at the workshop

Herman Petrick

"While residing in beautiful New Zealand I discovered my life purpose was to help others on their journey through this life.  With all things in life that are meant to be, this came naturally and easily.  It is my true joy to help others connect to their true higher self."

"I believe the first step in this process is to become clear of any negative attachments.  Once this is done the natural healing process can begin. Herman has cleared thousands of negative energies, hosted several energy workshops and works as an Energy Shifter.  All healing work can be done remotely, please contact us for details."


Hi Herman! Hope that you are keeping well... Thought I would leave it a little while prior to messaging you. I can now definitely feel a shift of energy within me. I have more energy and enthusiasm and just like you promised my business is flowing at present. So therefore I wanted to reach out to you and thank you wholeheartedly for your energy clearing work. I was initially extremely cynical but you have positively changed my thoughts to more optimistic ones. A lot of people who had bad thoughts and intentions about me and my business have all now been removed and for that I am very grateful to you. Many Kind Regards,
Soniya, United Kingdom

I highly recommend Global Energy Clearing for every aspect of life and work. Herman's energy clearing has helped in in every area of my own life. I have felt that I am a very blessed person, and yet often felt that there was something that was holding me back. As a certified coach, I attributed this to my own limiting beliefs. The so-called "monkey talk" chattering away in my head. Herman explained to me that there was something more going on. He did an energy clearing on me, and in both powerful and subtle ways, my world opened up. It wasn't something that I could just point directly to, and yet it was all around me. All of a sudden, my efforts were producing fruit. My decision making process became clear, I felt confidence that I didn't have before, I was connecting to quality people, and that monkey on my back seems to have left! Here are some of the changes that have happened since Herman has performed his magic on my life. I was recruited to a new company that gave me a huge monetary raise, aligns me with a like-minded group of people and allows me to do work that meets my heart's calling. Some large financial blocks that I was having difficulty in resolving with legal steps disappeared and I was able to purchase a home for me and my family! My children have each received promotions, and their relationships are going very well. My family seems happier together, we are at ease with one another with a deeper love. My friendships have deepened and I feel I am showing up with more authenticity. I even have a possible amazing relationship that is evolving romantically in a beautiful way and I feel more ready for it than I have ever felt in my life! I truly feel lite, love, and more secure in who I am since the energy clearing. I had Herman help with clients, and have seen impressive results. I had a house listed for several months that was not getting very many showings, and no offers. (And this in a "hot" seller's market) Within two weeks of Herman's clearing of a very negative energy that was stuck on that property, we had a full-price offer in hand! That offer closed smoothly one week early! I plan on being a member for the rest of my life and use Herman for business and personal needs. Thank you Herman for what you do!
Ramona, United States

We contacted Herman Petrick because we had reached a point that scepticism wasn’t an option. Both my partner and I felt that our property and sadly us and our children were feeling ‘attacked’ and attached in a very disturbing way. We were rowing constantly and we were unable to make up and find our love for each other amongst others. Our house didn’t feel like home and everything was breaking. We were amazed at how things changed after Herman worked on us. He was extremely empathetic and polite, yet detached. It’s a work in progress but we are feeling things improving. We highly recommend Global services and Herman.
Maria and Jonathan, United Kingdom

I have been through a lot of spiritual work but with you it's just awesome! I'm in awe! I didn't even know I could feel so calm and that this could happen so quickly. And the difference in my kids. My 2yr old just walks into daycare now! No fuss. For the first time I feel like I have really made significant progress in energy / spiritual healing. You are the just the best! 😉
Reshma, Trinidad & Tobago

A couple months ago I reached out to Herman. I was a bit skeptical at first but I figured it was time to do something and I was feeling somewhat desperate. After reading around on the website I realized my family and I were suffering from a majority of the issues listed. Most importantly I was worried about my youngest daughter. I am a single mother of two working a full time job as well as going to school part time. She wasn’t sleeping thru the night and wouldn’t sleep in her bedroom. I would lay her down to rest at night and she would make me keep the light on, which I did, until she would fall asleep. Then by the time I would finish up what I had to and go up to go to bed I would be awakened shortly after to her screaming and crying for me EVERY NIGHT without fail. So I would have to go into her room and bring her into my bed for her to get back to sleep and for myself to get any sleep. This went on for a long time. I started to worry. Finally I gave up and I sent an email for a free consult and clearing. After speaking to Herman I felt a sense of comfort and believed in him and believed the things he told be as he seemed very informed on what was happening to us. I signed up and he performed the clearing and my daughter started sleeping in her room straight thru the night with no disturbances. He told me it may take some time for it to be completely cleared but if there were any instances where she had any issues that I could reach out and he would work specifically when she is going down for bed or perform a clearing on his end. He has lived up to his words and there has been a couple times I’ve had to reach out and he was quick to help. I really appreciate Herman and all he has done to try to give my family some peace. It’s been a long time coming, and as I said, I was very skeptical. I’ve had a girlfriend of mine come over after he had cleared the energy and before I told her what I had done she told me my house felt different... calmer... that was amazing for me to hear. I couldn’t be more grateful for everything! Thank you, Herman!
Niki, New Jersey

I don't pretend to understand exactly what it is that Herman has been doing for me for the past few weeks, but I honestly believe that he has saved my life. If you'd told me a year ago that I would credit a remote energy healer, who'd never met me or even seen a photo of me, with helping me get through what I hope is the most intense time of my life, I would have laughed you out of town. And yet here I am. Doing just that. What Herman does is extraordinary. It works and it is incredibly powerful. And I can't thank him enough. I was wrapped in the strangest irrational negativity and hopelessness. Real hopelessness. Scarey thoughts hopelessness. And then Herman started clearing me and it honestly felt like a veil lifted. I physically felt a dark cloak lift off me. If you are a skeptic, know that I was too. But no longer. Now I'm just grateful to my core.
Miranda, New Zealand

Nicole is a changed girl....I have my sweet beautiful girl back again. Her attitude has mellowed so much and I'm finding she's playing with her sister again. She's back in her own room and no longer sleeps with us or expects me to sit next to her until she falls asleep. She's waking up in the morning happier and honestly so far hasn't been ill. Schooling has improved she's now reaching standard levels and above, such a transformation from last year. We visited my parents at Easter and my mum made a comment to me on how happy Nicole looked and had defiantly noticed a all over change in her. Im finding now our house is a lot more settled and happier. Nicole no longer talks about doom and gloom and doesn't have the same insecurities also she hasn't had any bad dreams. So as you have read she's had a total change. Its taken time and I'm still seeing changes.....for the good. I no longer worry for her wellbeing and future as much and can now guide her into her teenage years.
Stephanie, New Zealand

I received an energy cleaning from Herman about six months ago. My Mum arranged to have the clearing done for me as I live in Perth – Australia. I have always suffered from very bad nightmares (I am now 24) and would have at least 4 nights a week where I would wake up my heart pounding, thinking someone was standing over me, or the house was collapsing. I’d wake up sleep walking and screaming. Once I even had woken up with an egg on my head from bumping it and many times bruises on my legs.
Since Herman has done the energy clearing I have been sleeping wonderfully. The first four months or so I had not a single nightmare and would sleep right through the night. I definitely now wake up feeling a lot more refreshed and less stress. About two months ago I was going through some stress with my job and had another nightmare. My Mum got in touch with Herman and he performed another clearing and I haven’t had another issue since – It’s amazing. I’ll just point out I wouldn’t consider myself a spiritual person so I didn’t know what to expect but I 100% believe in Herman’s gift and having his help has impacted me immensely.
Jana, Western Australia

Hiya Herman, nice to see you on TV the other day:-) Since your workshop I have been feeling awesome! I haven't been so exhausted, I've been able to do yard work in the afternoon instead of trying to sleep. I'm generally moving forward with stuff I've been putting off. I actually feel like me again! I thought I had just changed since having kids but I think I was so unbalanced from being sleep deprived and probably had a lot of things sucking my energy dry. The hopeless gut feeling I was getting quite often has gone and my mind is a lot more still, I feel more present and now I don't have mind chatter. Finally I am actually having a better quality sleep too! My husband is feeling good too..... Thank you! Lots of wishes and blessings:-)
Victoria, Taranaki New Zealand

Hi Herman, I have found it hard to write this testimonial because I can't find the words to express this life changing experience and written words just can't describe my gratitude for your guidance. You have armed me with confidence and knowledge. My testimonial Going to Herman and Rebecca's Global Energy workshop has accelerated my spiritual journey. They have armed me with confidence and knowledge to follow my path. It has been a life changing experience.
Cheryl, Carterton, New Zealand

​​I received an energy clearing from Herman at a time in my life where I was very 'bogged' down, and although I wanted to look after myself, I had no energy to do more than the basics. I found at this time that I was quick to anger, and very reactive as I felt attacked and overwhelmed a lot. I definitely had those miserable periods of helplessness and hopelessness, completely stuck in a mundane rut. After the initial clearing I felt completely floored for the first week, there was a lot of change going on. Herman checked in a week later and found some energies had re-attached, and cleared these. The improvement was quick - I suddenly had the energy to direct into making more positive changes for myself - changes I would have once seen as self-indulgent. I was able to let go of the things that didn't serve me, without guilt. Something had been holding me back - It was like the self-sabotage ended, and the journey to self nourishment began. Around 4 weeks later I embarked on a new diet detox and diet, after so many attempts almost couldn't believe it when I actually lost some weight after so many of these failures. My skin was clearer, and I had more energy - and I allowed myself to stop and rest when I needed it, because I didn't feel guilty about doing something so self-loving anymore. I very recently had an episode of feeling extremely down - again in that rut where I felt so miserable and flat, I didn't even think of the work that could be done on an energetic level to heal this. I just felt I was stuck and had to ride it out - it didn't occur to me that I was in need of a clearing until I spoke with Herman and Rebecca. The clearing had an instant effect. I had picked up some nasties from some one that I was around that had a very black energy. My ears started ringing during the clearing, that horrible feeling lifted and then I was infused with loving, healing energy. I am Clairsentient and Clairaudient, and I feel how well Herman does, what he does. He is a very capable healer. My guides also validated this during the clearing - I heard them saying "you're in good hands".
Linda, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Herman has helped my family with both of our sons. My oldest son is currently at the University of Washington and was experiencing depression and trouble concentrating. He was seeing our primary doctor and was prescribe an anti-depression medicine. The doctor said he was depressed and related the concentration issue with depression. This would help him temporarily but he would still be depressed. My oldest son wanted a different direction, luckily for our family we reached out to Herman and Rebecca. My wife Dolores informed Herman about the situation with our oldest son. Herman said he would perform some clearing on our oldest and said he would follow up with me to make sure the clearing was getting rid of his negative energy. Herman informed me how many negative attachments he had and cleared them. Truthfully, is was a little scary to think about attachments and how they can really effect your life. Our oldest has seen improvement with depression and trouble concentrating, thanks to Herman's clearing. Herman has also helped him with meditation and given good information about Chakras and the importance of being balanced. Herman has also helped our family with my youngest son. He was scared to sleep in his own room and we would find him in his sister's room every morning. I informed Herman about this and he started performing the clearings. Like my other son, Herman followed up with me about my youngest. He is currently sleeping in his own room and is not scared anymore. Herman's clearings have really helped our family and we are truly thankful for Herman and Rebecca.
Rithy & Dolores, Vancouver, WA

I met Rebecca and Herman at a Global Energy Clearing Workshop in early April 2015. I was not sure what to expect from the workshop but very keen to learn. The workshop was really well put together and really thought provoking. Herman has a captivating way of presenting information. I learnt so much – it opened doorways in me to new learnings and I am still bouncing, two months later. At the same time Herman did an Energy Clearing on me. I have been blown away with the results. Before the workshop I was feeling tired and was not sleeping very well. I had some very negative thought patterns that reared up anytime I attempted to try anything new. I also seemed to have a habit of feeling guilty for everything, even things that were not my fault or indeed anything to do with me. After the Clearing the negative thoughts completely vanished and have not returned. I find it so easy to identify and release with love any feelings of guilt that I think I need to own. My life feels so much clearer and cleaner. Sleeping is easy. In the first few weeks after the Clearing I found that some nights I was sleeping for ten hours at a time – deep, restorative and untroubled sleep. I have not slept that way for years. I can thoroughly recommend both the Workshops and the Clearings that Herman and Rebecca do. I have gained so much more than words can express and cannot thank them enough for my new world.
Raewyn, Wairarapa, New Zealand

"Crossing paths with Herman and Rebecca was a timely and uplifting experience for my family. Life changing. The positivity and calmness in our lives is amazing, our journey is exciting and we have a couple of wonderful new friends to share it with us. Bless you Global Energy Clearing!
Rache, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand